Coronavirus Information

It is vitally important for both our guests and ourselves that you kindly read the following information and perhaps print a copy to bring with you as a reminder.

Check In

Between 4pm and 6pm unless otherwise agreed. WE WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU DID NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 4pm. This is to give us time for the extra cleaning required.

We will be operating a contactless check in and check out. Please text us on 07887 568252 when you are approximately 20 minutes away from Prestoller House. On arrival, we will happily greet you, but from a distance. The door to your room will be unlocked and the key will be in the lock on the inside of the door.

Parking is on the gravel driveway with a designated space identified by the room name.

In Your Room

Please remove your shoes on entering the room and leave in the tray by the door.

Individually wrapped slippers can be found in the wardrobe, together with individually wrapped bathrobes.

Anti bacterial wipes will be available in your room for personal use.

Each room will have a waste paper bin in the bedroom and bathroom.  If you require them to be emptied, please leave outside your door on your way out each morning.

Towels can be dried on the radiator in the bathroom.  In the summer, they are controlled by the timer switch located on the right hand side wall by the bathroom door.  In the Winter, these will be controlled by central heating.  

To facilitate sanitising, soft furnishings such as cushions and runners on beds along with all books and info will be removed from the rooms.



Each room will be deep cleaned and sanitised after every departure.

The advice regarding laundry is to use high temperatures and detergents. All of our laundry at Prestoller House goes to a professional laundry. All laundry is washed at high temperature, sanitised, dried and ironed in steam presses and sealed prior to delivery. The laundry remains in sealed packs/bags until it used from the linen cupboard at Prestoller House.


Check Out

Check out is by 10.30am on day of departure.

Please ensure that all the lights, TV and electrical goods are either left on standby or switched off and then lock the door on exiting and post your key through the letter box by the main house front door. Please then ring the doorbell so we can say goodbye “from a distance”.

ROOMS WILL NOT BE SERVICED DURING YOUR STAY apart from linen and towels (for longer stays). All information leaflets will be removed.  Tourist information is available online.

Please make sure that all lights, electrical equipment including the TV are switched off in both the bedroom and bathroom (with particular attention to the mirror in the bathroom which is independent to the main light switch located outside on the bedroom wall) each time you leave the room. Please also leave the bathroom and one window in the bedroom open for ventilation when you leave the room.